The worst time to measure your candidate's electability is on election day.

Our choices on election day have a massive impact on every facet of our lives and the lives of those we care about. It's a small action with huge implications, and that makes it a highly emotional choice. Hope and fear, trust and disgust. Each candidate and campaign promise creates a basket of emotions that we must sort through by the time we enter the voting booth. For a candidate, every speech, every action and even every word can either bolster their support or drive voters away.

Traditional polling is inaccurate and provides only a perfunctory measure of the way the voters are leaning. It can't give you true insight into their hearts and minds, and the factors that will ultimately decide their vote. BehaviorMatrix can.

BehaviorMatrix digs down into millions of comments, posts and discussions across a wide range of sources to uncover the way voters truly feel about political candidates. Our proprietary, patent-pending SMARTview™ technology applies linguistic and cognitive analysis to this mountain of data, allowing us to categorize and quantify more than 100 human emotional factors.

We use this emotional data to construct predictive indexes, analyzing factors such as electability, leadership and trust. This analysis gives you an unprecedented ability to modify your message and vocabulary to adjust voter perceptions. And because public perceptions can shift, our political indexes track current sentiment and adapt in real-time to paint an accurate picture of a candidate's electability.

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