About BehaviorMatrix
Extracting human emotion from oceans of data and uncovering valuable insights to influence behavior.

BehaviorMatrix is an applied behavioral analytics company founded by veteran technology entrepreneurs, visionaries and cognitive behavioral experts. BehaviorMatrix offers a suite of customized data and analysis services that measure consumer emotion in a whole new way, unlocking valuable insights for brands and public figures.

This innovative system is built on the proven theory that emotion guides behavior. Using the proprietary, patent-pending technology of our SMARTview™ platform, we mine digital content to derive perception and insight from unfiltered and unstructured digital social conversations. In this way, we convert qualitative information into quantitative actionable insights, providing immense value for brand marketers, political candidates and pharmaceutical & life sciences companies, to name a few.

Our products, including Emotional Indexes, EmScape Reports and EmPower Reports, can illuminate the emotions around your brand giving you the power to change perceptions that drive action.

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